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Hello everyone how are you doing today? πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Do you know that feeling when you can see, that you’re making progress but somehow your list of what you want to improve grows tremendously longer than you expected? At first I freaked out a little bit and thought “How is this possible?”. Now it’s more like “Okay, you’re making progress and you’re also seeing more details that aren’t quite right. It’s actually not such a bad thing.” And it isn’t. I was actually more overwhelmed by not knowing where to start than the possibility that I’m making steps backwards. I was also a little too excited and wanted everything at once but it’s also a feeling of motivation for me somehow. I need to make small steps, when you’re a little impatient it’s a quite a challenge. πŸ˜„

So if you ever were in that situation, I feel you. But don’t worry. It’s the first step of starting to overthink so let it go. You ARE making progress, how fast that goes doesn’t matter. And that’s what you can focus on. Also by setting small goals that are sorted the way it makes sense to you. So you can focus on the list again if things seem overwhelming.

I’m currently drawing digital again and I started the outlines. Here a little sneak peek:

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Nosce te ipsum.

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