Sweet Honeymoon <3

My friends Alain and Nadja freshly started into their honeymoon as a married couple. Waiting around five months to get some extra time to enjoy themselves, they are currently discovering Southeast Asia and I am so excited for them! I stumbled across an interesting and maybe a little geeky quote that I found on the net:

A honeymoon is like opening a brand-new set of Legos. When a child gets Legos, he certainly doesn’t expect to find the finished model in the box. The whole point of Legos is to build. – JULI SLATTERY

Since I am not married I cannot exactly compare, but the message behind it feels true and important to me.

Thinking about those two lovebirds I quickly drew a picture how I would imagine them at some point of their journey. Alain would be enjoying a drink and studying where they are and what adventures are coming next as Nadja would probably capture some good moments and be amazed by her surroundings. πŸ™‚

I wish Alain & Nadja an adventure, full with moments of love, deep talks, intimate moments, happiness and learning/experiencing a lot of new things. ❀

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