You can buy me a coffee.

Even though I’m not there yet to post on a daily basis, believe me, there’s going on much behind the scenes. 😉

Right now I’m still working full-time and I enrolled an art school (yay!) to improve my abilities. Yes, I did some commissions before but drawing/painting is a neverending process of learning, which I love to do. Even though I’m taking most of the time to do some art and be creative I wish to invest even more time so that I can live mostly from my art in the future.

One of my projects right now is, that you’ll be able to buy my designs (Pssssht…. there’s more about it going to follow – I’m so excited! ;)).

Right now, you can support my work with buying me a coffee (or ko-fi).
Donating me a small amount you can help me covering my art fees and supplies but also you’ll receive my fullest gratitude, because someone giving me actual money for doing something I love from the bottom of my heart is simply priceless. ❤

After all the typing I got really thirsty, so here’s the link 😉

Thank you in advance for considering it my friends and have an awesome weekend! (ミΦ ﻌ Φミ)ノ

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Nosce te ipsum.

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