Inspiration and alone time

Hello folks! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

So you had to wait a little for my next entry – I’m really sorry for that! I’m one of those types that needs lots of alone time to recharge and I just like to do that with reading, watching series, drawing, going outside etc. It’s also something that gives me inspiration. Although I receive inspirational inputs through my daily life, be it with funny moments, nature or uneasy moments that make me think, I like to be proactive when it comes to inputs.

My biggest resource for inspiration were always Mangas and Animes. I see new or old styles that I like and try to learn from them. Sometimes the story is so interesting that I automatically start to figure out another story, that I like (I need to write them down though, since I can’t always remember them after awhile). A week ago I also went to an art museum, which made the “juices flowing”.(*/∇\*)キャ

Sometimes I also do just easy stuff, to get the ideas flowing, like reproducing pictures that I like or make a sort of “then and now” drawing. Nowadays I heard also from other artist, that social media is a big inspiration platform for them. They like to use Pinterest or Instagram to get an idea they like.

So I thought to share one or two things that I like at the moment:

Animes / Mangas / K- or J- Dramas *kyaaa* XD
Drawing / Sketching / Doodling
Face masks are so relaxing XD
Sometimes cooking might help ❤
Museum visits ❤
Inspirational quotes (just one of my slection).

So I hope these few words might already helped you if you’re searching for inspiration or wanted to check out for ideas to read/watch.

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Nosce te ipsum.

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