I’m on Redbubble!

Hello folks! I waited quite a time to announce this but now the moment has arrived – I’m on Redbubble. >‿‿<

Starting with the new year I decided to make an account and I wanted to already have one or to Illustrations which you can purchase before telling you guys.

I wasn’t sure for quite a long time if I should make an account on such a site but with a little push from my amazing older sister I had finally decided to do it. So after almost four months I have a few designs ready for you. Mostly they are digital Illustrations since I thought it would look nice for printing. I do think about it to post also some traditional Artwork here. Might have a nice effect on certain items.

So here’s the Link to my page: Valroka on Redbubble


Today I colored a lovely Manga Girl from a sketch I did. I wanted to keep it quite simple and therefore rather quick coloring was necessary. But I kind of liked the sketch so much that I wanted to give it a little color. Hope you might like it and I’m as well going to put this on my Redbubble Site.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Good Friday and the prolongued weekend!

Stay tuned! o((*^▽^*))o

Lady Illu

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