Love yourself ♥

Do parents teach their kids self-love? Of course we’re not talking here about selflove in an unhealthy way…

That’s something I always thought of being “normal” or a “goal” parents have for their children. But did our parents ourselves learned through their parents what self-love is or did anyone learned it at school?

Nowadays you see a lot of (good) quotes, books and people talking, writing or singing about self-love. Because lots of them realise how important it is – I’m no exception here! So I’m talking about my feelings or the experiences I have, I can’t relate to other people so please keep that in mind.

Back in the day as a kid/teenager I was much “worse” when it came to self-love than today. Although I consider myself of having a nice childhood and I remember my parents being very supportive I was mostly praised for good grades and you start to define yourself through your “academic” achievements. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t intend here to blame my parents for anything, this is just one glance at a lot of memories and I actually feel very blessed. 🥰

One example: I was always good with giving compliments but not receiving them. I always felt bad about getting compliments because I thought they could never be true or truly meant. Although I exactly know that the compliments I give out are sincere I never thought it could be true for the one’s I receive. 😳 Often, that proverb “A man’s praise in his own mouth stinks.” echoed in my mind. “So when I don’t believe it I wouldn’t falsly praise myself.” is what I thought.

Did you ever thought that too?

I don’t think that there are all just good quotes out there or that it’s only parents that teach self-love. It starts from within. Within yourself first, even if that means you could disappoint someone in the process. Take care of yourself first and be true to your feelings. It’s okay to sometimes feel drained or having in general “down” moments. Recognize the feeling and let it pass. You still care for the one’s you love and you can still be there for them. You are enough, also at the times you don’t feel like it. I’m sure with being true to yourself and recognizing all the feelings you can grow and be the person you want to be.

“I hope you wake up feeling exceptional. You are important, needed and unique.” 🌸

(I always loved that one)

As I like to draw I really wanted to do a cool and cute manga girl for you. She’s showing you the korean handsign for “love”. 💗

I’ve got this picture on my Redbubble account too: Selflove ♡

Thank you for reading through my little self-love excursion, I hope you enjoy your weekend to the fullest – the way you feel like it (and with no explanation to anyone needed). 😘

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