• Nick: Valroka
  • Name: Valentina Vittori
  • Date: 22.09.1988
  • Location: Brugg, Switzerland

Since I can hold a pen I draw… as a kid it were often animal or nature drawings but since I’m about 8 years old I draw in manga style. At that time the first anime came to german-speaking TV stations and instantly there were animes like Kickers, Mila Superstar, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and much, much more. The fantastic japanese culture and their wonderful comics enabled me to an amazing new world and influenced my drawing style.

Since that day I mostly draw manga style but I love to try different styles, techniques and mediums. Most of my commissions were actually non manga styles and I enjoyed so much to do them.

I’d like to focus on my creative work and want to invest much more time into such an important part of my life.